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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Oily Skin

Today I will talk a little bit more than usual, I have oily skin, very very oily, so I've searched for a foundation that matches my skin tone (I'm really pale and it's pretty difficult to find a shade that doesn't look too orange on me, truly I've never found one) and that have a matte finish but I haven't found my colour available at the foundations that many people recommend for this skin problem, if you want to know what foundations I'm talking about go here.

 Products for the eyes from mascara to eye liners they have to be waterproof, in the case of eye shadows I have to use a good primer, Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion it's my favourite, I've only used Original but I've heard so many good things about Eden that I really want to try it!
 In the mascara department I love the Rocket from Maybelline and the formula it's perfect it doesn't crease, in my old job I used to work for 8 hours in a place that the heating was too high and products that I have loved for years start to creasing and my mascara was one of them, as my powder I started using Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying powder that works like a miracle on me, it needs to be retouched if not I look like a disco ball, but overall it's pretty good.

So anything that says hydrating I run away from, because I have a skin that tends to breakout a little too much for my taste when I use products that claim that, so I've started using Avène Cleanance Gel in the morning and in the night and when I use it for a long time my skin starts to look less shiny but I have to say that I'm really lazy sometimes and I forget to use it, but there's one thing that I don't forget my Bioderma Micelle Solution Sensibio H2O and my Cleanance K Gel-Creme every night I use this and it's the perfect combo for my skin, when I finnish my Bioderma I want to try another Bioderma line that is for oily skin it's the Sébium line and have a micelle solution too.

 There's one think that for me it's sacred it's the sun screen I use one for Avène from the Cleance line as well and it is a matte sun screen the only thing that I really don't like it's the SPF it's only 30, and I normally in the summer doesn't go out without a sun screen with 50 SPF, but last autumn my aunt brought that in France so I'm give it a try.

Sorry to just being really blah blah blah. If you have any suggestion of what I should write next, please leave a comment bellow, TY!

Elle <3

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