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Friday, 7 March 2014

Books, Books and let me see more books

While I was in college I do not read more then my material and some more things about managing and law, but after I end it I regain my love for literature (all right it's more young literature but is pretty good), so today I will tell you my favourite of all time eight books. I'm now trying to read more so if you know something that you think I should read comment this post please.

My 8 favourites books

 8 - Hush Hush by Becca Fitzgerald, Godness Gracious this one is my new favourite I'm only on the first book ( like I said in the intro I'm really off what was out when I was in college), but I'm Lovin'it so far, it remind me of The City Of Bones, it is the same style but a little more dark I think.

7 - Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin,  it's not my typical literature but I've grow on it and now I'm addicted I'm  only on the second book and I enjoy it, but I'm excited to read it faster to get to where the series is.

6- Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff, I love history, by now you're thinking  "what a nerd?!"  but since I learned about history that I'm obsessed about Egypt history and Medieval history, and this book it's about the first. I've enjoy it because it's based on facts but have a twist in it.

5 -L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad, it's one series that I'm readed it more than 3 times and I get carry way with it, if you like and you know who is Lauren Conrad you should read it! If you don't know who it is god where were you ? (kidding) It is a novel so if you are more a fiction only fan it is not you're type I think.

4 - The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, I was more into this kinda of books before I went to college, what is a little strange but true, but this one I like the subject of it and I enjoy reading Dan Brown's books I think he is one great writer.

3- The Hunger Games series, I have all of them I have read them in a blink, I was carried way by the world that Suzanne Collins created, I think the contrast between districts are amazing and the movies haven't let me down, if you don't like to read just check out the movie.

2 - Divergent and Insurgent I haven't read yet Allegiant, but these 2 I love them both, the writer Veronica Roth has done a one amazing world, if you like adventure and fiction I think you should check it out!

Last but not least my favourite saga 1 - the Shadow Hunters, The City of Bones it's the first and  the author is Cassandra Clare, I love the plot, I love the world I love everything about it and I'm sooo excited for the sixth book to came out, goodness gracious if you like fiction and romance you should check it out!

Hope you like it,


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